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At our main goal is to help you compare insurance in New Zealand. We aim to bring many of the leading brands, and a good portion of their products, onto one website so you can browse your options easily with less fuss. Keep in mind, however, that we do not compare all insurance companies in NZ, nor do we compare all the products from the companies that do appear on this website. For this reason, you should always do your own research from a number of sources. After reading, it’s a good idea to head to Google and do additional research on brands and products that don’t feature on our site.

Buying insurance is often seen to be a time-consuming process, and 5 or 10 years ago that was probably right. To compare insurance you’d pick up the phone and have 30-minute conversations with 2 or 3 different insurance brands. These days, that isn’t the case. You can easily compare insurance online by visiting each brands website and getting a quote online quote. All brands also have their policy wordings available for you to read (typically in PDF format) if you want to delve deep into the details.

To Find a Cheaper Price

When you compare insurance, there is a good chance that you’re going to find a better deal at a different brand. Insurance brands change their prices frequently, so we recommend comparing car, home, and contents insurance at least once every 6 months. There is a bit of a myth that switching insurance providers will be a stressful process, not to mention the belief that it’ll take hours on the phone with crazy customer service reps trying to convince you not to leave. Don’t worry about any of that – switching insurance providers is easy! You can do it online from most brands these days, and if that doesn’t work Live Chat or their 0800 number will do the trick. You don’t need a long sob story to cancel, just tell them you are leaving. You don’t even need to give a reason.

To Get Better Cover

No two insurance policies are created equal. They all have similarities, but when you compare insurance policies you’ll see that they typically involve 10 to 20 pages of terms, definitions, and clauses. They will each have different limits, exclusions, and definitions. Generally, you can’t go wrong when you stick with one of the well-known brands: namely State, AA Insurance, AMI Insurance, Cove Insurance, FMG, Tower Insurance, MAS, NZI and nib. Most of the leading banks in New Zealand have reasonable general insurance policies too – they typically just resell policies from the other brands listed above.

To Support Local Brands

Since Covid-19 more and more New Zealanders are getting behind local brands, both for the products they buy, and services they subscribe to. It’s no secret that Australian brands IAG and Suncorp dominate the New Zealand insurance market, but there are other more local brands you can choose from if you want your dollars to remain in New Zealand. When you compare insurance make sure to check who it is you are actually buying from. We always have a laugh when someone gets frustrated at State, then angrily switches to AMI, or vice versa. They are sister companies, ran from the same office, with the same parent!

To Take Advantage of Promotions

There seems to be a new insurance promotion in the market every month, so shopping around and taking advantage of these (when the time is right) can pay off. Insurance promo code generally gets you a something along the lines of a $50 Prezzy Card, or a $50 discount on your first month or years premium.

The quickest way to see what promotions are in the market at the moment is to spend 2 minutes checking the brands below. These brands are most likely to have discounts and offers (based on nothing but what we’ve seen in the market over the past 5 years).

Your Circumstances Have Changed

The best time to compare insurance is when your circumstances change. This could be when you buy or sell a vehicle, move house, move rental property, buy new contents, start a family, get married, or a number of other life changes. In fact, it’s not only the best time to compare insurance, it’s also the best time to speak with your current provider. It pays to keep them up to date with any changes in your life to ensure you are always adequately covered.

Because Comparing is Easy

With all the leading insurance companies in NZ, comparing quotes is EASY. There is no excuse not to compare insurance policies and prices at least once a year, if not every 6 months. You can get an online insurance quote from any of the leading brands in under 5 minutes, from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

At most, you’ll lose 15 minutes when comparing three different insurance brands. But the upside could be significant savings, a better policy, or perhaps something like a $50 Prezzy Card if any of the brands are running a promotion.

Finally, Because Switching Is Easy

People think switching insurance company is hard….but it’s not. Some companies will even help you switch an insurer by drafting an email to send to the company you are leaving. All the insurance companies in NZ play nicely when it comes to leaving, and all it takes is a 5 minutes phone call, email, or message on their live chat system. Just tell them the policy you would like to cancel, and that’s it. Sure, they might try to keep you as a customer, but if you have found a better deal else ware, skip the small talk and tell them to hurry up and cancel the policy (but not until you have purchased the replacement policy, you don’t want to go uninsured…even if it is just for a day!)

The short answer is no.

If you take a look on Google for the search “insurance companies nz” you’ll see dozens of brands: AA Insurance, State Insurance, AMI Insurance, Tower, Vero, AIA, Cove, MAS, FMG, AIG, Cigna, Initio, Partners, Protecta, Autosure, Pinnacle Life, NZI, Fidelity Life, Southern Cross, and a number of others. Not to mention all the banks now sell insurance, so that brings ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac etc into the mix too.

How confusing is that! NZ Insurance companies are often owned by overseas brands as well, which further confuses everything, and the banks typically sell insurance policies from the big-name Aussie brands as well such as IAG and Suncorp.

So to repeat ourselves, no, we do not compare all insurance companies in NZ. We’ve started with the big well-known brands, and as time goes on, we’ll add the smaller lesser-known brands too. For this reason, don’t rely solely on this site when deciding which brand to buy from, as we don’t list them all!

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