Last updated 22nd March 2022

Cheap dog insurance


Most people visiting our website are looking for cheap insurance. With inflation the way it is in New Zealand at the moment, money is getting tight! With New Zealand being such a dog-loving nation, we’ve thought the below guide on cheap dog insurance might be able to save our readers thousands over the life of their dog.

We’ve spent about 15 hours getting a range of quotes from most of the cheapest dog insurance brands, and we’ll publish our findings below.

If you don’t have the time to read our full guide, then we’d suggest taking a look at what dog insurance brands have deals on below, and then getting a quote from the top two or three.

What's in our cheap dog insurance guide?

How to get cheap dog insurance in New Zealand

There are a few ways to get cheap dog insurance, whether it simply be shopping around, increasing your excess, lowering your cover, or choosing a co-payment.

By far the easiest way is simply taking 10 minutes to shop around.

Getting a dog insurance quote online takes under two minutes from most companies, and you aren’t obligated to purchase the policy when you’re just getting a quote. Some companies will ask for your phone number when getting a quote, but you can always just enter a fake number if you’d rather not get 20 follow up calls from pesky salesman (Try AA Dog Insurance or Cove Dog Insurance if you don’t want to give your phone number, and would rather just do things online).

We’ve listed five brands below which all have cheap dog insurance options. Each of these brands will give you a quote online, so start here, and then once you have quotes toggle the excess up and down to compare apples with apples (more on this further down the page).


aa pet insurance review

AA Dog Insurance


cove pet insurance

Cove Dog Insurance


PD Dog Insurance


spca pet insurance review

SPCA Dog Insurance


Tower Dog Insurance


Important Note: Please review our transparency statement in the footer of every page on this website. No brands above are a recommendation from or an indication that a brand or product is the best in its category. We do not compare all pet insurance brands available in New Zealand, so it is important for you to do thorough research and compare all options and find the right product for you, based on your own personal circumstances.

Dog insurance comparison scenario

AA Pet Insurance

Accident & Illness
$ 48
  • No current deal

Cove Pet Insurance

Major Plan
$ 43
  • One month free

SPCA Pet Insurance

Big Stuff Plan
$ 45
  • No current deal

Get your own quotes as these quotes are only a snapshot in time. Pet insurance prices can change frequently, so you might find different prices for these scenarios if re-done today.

How to get even cheaper dog insurance

Once you’ve started comparing dog insurance brands using the links above, there are a few things you can do to get even cheaper dog insurance.

  1. You can increase the excess, which will decrease the monthly premiums you pay. Most excesses range from $100 to $1000, so selecting something at the higher end of this range could decrease your premiums substantially. 
  2. You can opt to pay for the minor things that your dog may need, instead of relying on your insurance to cover them. Some policies offer optional extras that will cover things like vaccinations. Choosing not to add these onto your policy will make your overall premiums lower.
  3. If you have multiple pets, find a company that offers multi-pet discount. At the time of writing this page, both PD and Cove offer multi-pet discounts.


Which is the cheapest dog insurance brand?

If you simply want the cheapest dog insurance, and can’t be bothered reading this full guide or getting quotes from multiple brands, then skip right to the part below.

At the time of writing, we’ve found Cove Dog Insurance to be the cheapest dog insurance in New Zealand in many scenarios. Their Accident-Only policy is very affordable, and their Major and Major + Minor policies have co-pays which also make your monthly premiums more affordable.


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