Working Kelpie Dogs New Zealand

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So you’re looking to adopt an Working Kelpie, or already have one?

According to the American Kennel Club, “The overall appearance of the Working Kelpie is that of a medium-sized, lithe, active, strongly-muscled dog conveying the capability of untiring work. He has been successfully used to manage a variety of stock, including reindeer, goats, cattle and of course sheep. Kelpies in Sweden have gained police dog titles and have pulled sleds. They are also being widely used as search and rescue dogs.Kelpies need companionship. Though he can be content to stay for hours on the chain, he also needs to be with you for some time each day and needs exercise, walks or games with a ball or a stick. One cannot expect this dog, which has been bred to work, to stay outside the house without any mental or physical stimulation. Inevitably, he will set about looking for an occupation, which could include chasing cars, trying to ‘work’ them as he would control sheep. A Working Kelpie makes a fine family dog, gets along well with ‘his’ children and, because they are naturally gentle, almost all Working Kelpies live peaceably with other family pets. The Working Kelpie is extremely alert, eager and highly intelligent. He possesses an open, friendly, active but placid disposition with a good balance between keenness to work and ability to relax. With an almost inexhaustible energy, the Working Kelpie has a marked loyalty and devotion to work and a strongly-inherited natural instinct and aptitude in working sheep and other livestock, both in open country and in the yards.”

An Working Kelpie typically ranges from 48.26cm to 63.5cm in height, and weighs from 12.70058636kg to 27.2155422kg.

There are a few pet insurance companies in New Zealand that offer dog insurance for Working Kelpie breeds. Try Cove Insurance as they are currently offering a one-month free promotion. Typically Working Kelpie insurance ranges from $30 per month to $65 – but of course this varies depending on a range of other factors such as gender.