Portuguese Podengo Dogs New Zealand

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So you’re looking to adopt an Portuguese Podengo, or already have one?

According to the American Kennel Club, “The Podengo is a rugged coursing hound that comes in two sizes: medio (medium, standing 16 to 22 inches at the shoulder) and grande (large, 22 to 28 inches). They also have two coat types: smooth and wirehaired. The breed’s enthusiasts describe it as “primitive,” that is, it’s a rustic, no-frills hound untouched by fads and fashion since arriving on the Iberian Peninsula ages ago. Among their distinctive characteristics are large, erect, triangular ears; a pyramid-shaped head that tapers to the nose; and sweetly expressive, almond-shaped eyes.Podengos, in general, are funny dogs that love to play. They easily entertain themselves with toys, chase each other and stalk each other around the house and yard. They are highly intelligent and learn new things very fast. Since they are a watchful dog though, they are not as easy going and playful with strangers and may view smaller animals like dogs and cats as prey. They may be quite reserved initially and prefer to greet strangers on their own terms. They are very tolerant and compliant, eager to please their family members and put up with most requests we make of them. Portuguese Podengos are lively, agile, playful, alert, highly intelligent but not always easy to train, independent yet loving with the family and sometimes suspicious of strangers. The breed’s two sizes have different jobs: the larger hunts deer and boar and the medium-sized hunts rabbit. In the U.S, they are successful in coursing, agility, nose work, barn hunt, rally and in the conformation ring.”

An Portuguese Podengo typically ranges from 40.64cm to 71.12cm in height, and weighs from 15.875732950000002kg to 29.937096420000003kg.

There are a few pet insurance companies in New Zealand that offer dog insurance for Portuguese Podengo breeds. Try Cove Insurance as they are currently offering a one-month free promotion. Typically Portuguese Podengo insurance ranges from $30 per month to $65 – but of course this varies depending on a range of other factors such as gender.