Kromfohrlander Dogs New Zealand

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So you’re looking to adopt an Kromfohrlander, or already have one?

According to the American Kennel Club, “The Kromfohrlander is a very intelligent, funny, agile dog which loves to climb and jump and easily excels at agility and dog-trick training but can be fussy with food. They come in two coat types: wirehaired (with beard) and smooth haired (smooth face with no beard and beautiful, long, soft hair). The breed’s nickname in North America is “Kromi” (krome-ee). The Kromfohrlander was bred to be a companion only, retains very little hunting instinct (despite its terrier heritage), and is often long-lived (17-18 years old). He is good with children and family and tends to be a one-person dog. He is very attached to his owner, will not run away, and is first to alert to strangers. Club Contact DetailsClub: Kromfohrlander Club of AmericaName: Mary DixonEmail: kromiclub@gmail.comPhone: 734-277-2270 The Kromfohrlander is a medium-sized companion breed that is sensitive, loving and loyal to its owners. He has a distinctive ‘smile’ and will sneeze to greet you. Pronunciation of the breed is “krome-for-lahn-dair.””

An Kromfohrlander typically ranges from 38.1cm to 45.72cm in height, and weighs from 9.071847400000001kg to 15.875732950000002kg.

There are a few pet insurance companies in New Zealand that offer dog insurance for Kromfohrlander breeds. Try Cove Insurance as they are currently offering a one-month free promotion. Typically Kromfohrlander insurance ranges from $30 per month to $65 – but of course this varies depending on a range of other factors such as gender.