Hokkaido Dogs New Zealand

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So you’re looking to adopt an Hokkaido, or already have one?

According to the American Kennel Club, “The Hokkaido is a medium-sized, strongly-built dog. They have longer, thicker coats than the other Japanese breeds, and also have wider chests and smaller ears. Like all the Nihon Ken, they have a double coat made up of protective, coarse outer guard hairs, and a fine, thick undercoat that is shed seasonally. The breed comes in several colors: white, red, black, brindle, sesame, and wolf grey. With early training, the Hokkaido is a very loyal and dedicated companion who wants to please his human family. They are incredibly intelligent thinkers and problem solvers, and they excel at tasks given to them. If not socialized properly, however, Hokkaido can become wary of strangers and protective of their families. The breed is extremely rare outside its native country. In Japan, there is an estimated population of around 10,000-12,000, and yearly registrations of between 900-1000. The Hokkaido is a dog of noteworthy endurance and dignity. His temperament is faithful, docile, very alert, and bold. He also shows accurate judgement and great stamina.”

An Hokkaido typically ranges from 45.72cm to 50.8cm in height, and weighs from 19.958064280000002kg to 29.937096420000003kg.

There are a few pet insurance companies in New Zealand that offer dog insurance for Hokkaido breeds. Try Cove Insurance as they are currently offering a one-month free promotion. Typically Hokkaido insurance ranges from $30 per month to $65 – but of course this varies depending on a range of other factors such as gender.