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New Zealand made car insurance brand Cove is going head to head with Australian traditional brands to offer savings for Kiwis.

Auckland based Cove has been offering comprehensive car insurance online since 2017, and is quickly becoming a top choice for Kiwis wanting to save on their car insurance.

Recent studies by both Moneyhub and PassiveIncomeNZ researchers have placed Cove up against the traditional insurance brands operating in New Zealand to compare prices, and have found Cove to be competitive across a range of car makes and models.

If you have time to shop around and save on car insurance, here are our top tips:

Double check your car value. There is no point in insuring your car for $15,000 if it is only worth $6,000. If you haven’t reviewed your car insurance in the past year or so, it is definately time to login (or call) your current insurer to check you are not over paying since your car would have depreciated.

Select a higher excess. Your excess is what you pay when you need to make a claim. It typically ranges from about $400 to $2000. When you increase your excess, you monthly or annual premium payment decreases. This is perhaps the easiest way to decrease your insurance costs besides doing a regular comparison of various brands.

Shop around. Switching your insurance provider isn’t difficult. All it takes is a 10 minute phone call. These days you can most likely switch insurer simply by logging into their online portal. Make a point of reviewing your car insurance every year, and don’t be afraid to switch it you can find a better deal. Getting a quote only takes 2 minutes.


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