American English Coonhound Dogs New Zealand

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So you’re looking to adopt an American English Coonhound, or already have one?

According to the American Kennel Club, “Standing as high as 26 inches at the shoulder, American English Coonhounds are deep-chested, sweet-faced athletes beloved by sportsmen for their speed and endurance. Stretched tightly across the athletic frame is a medium-length coat of various patterns, some with ticking. The head is broad with a domed skull, with soft, low-hung ears and dark-brown eyes that glow with warmth and kindness.American English Coonhounds are mellow when off duty but tenacious and stubborn in pursuit of their ring-tailed prey. Their work drive and energy, the patience it takes to train them for things other than coon hunting, and their loud, ringing bark can make the breed a bad fit as house pets for novice owners. Some passionate fans of American English Coonhounds feel that without a sporting outlet for this breed’s houndy virtues, you’re simply wasting a good dog. These sleek and racy, lean but muscular hounds work dusk to dawn in pursuit of the wily raccoon. The sight of the American English Coonhound tearing through the moonlit woods, all sinew and determination, bawling their lusty night music, is coon-hunter heaven.”

An American English Coonhound typically ranges from 58.42cm to 66.04cm in height, and weighs from 20.41165665kg to 29.48350405kg.

There are a few pet insurance companies in New Zealand that offer dog insurance for American English Coonhound breeds. Try Cove Insurance as they are currently offering a one-month free promotion. Typically American English Coonhound insurance ranges from $30 per month to $65 – but of course this varies depending on a range of other factors such as gender.