Warehouse Insurance Review

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Warehouse Insurance Review

The Warehouse is commonly known as the place to go to fill your kids rooms with plastic toys which will hopefully last a few months, and the place that you want to avoid come Christmas season unless you enjoy hoards of people acting like animals.

But does that mean their insurance follows the same “cut price, made in China” philosophy? Not really, since Warehouse Insurance is underwritten by Vero Insurance, who also own most of AA Insurance, and Vero Insurance is owned by Suncorp Group, the Australian based giant insurance brand.

In fact, when you get a Warehouse Insurance quote online you’ll see the process looks near identical to getting an AA Insurance quote online. Change the distinctive AA yellow to the Warehouse red and play spot the difference. There isn’t much!

What we love (and don't love) about Warehouse Insurance

This was the hardest part about writing our Warehouse Insurance review, mainly thanks to their website being a small subsection of The Warehouses large eCommerce website.

On most insurance websites you’ll find an about page, blog, sponsorships, community activities, a range of insurance calculators, awards won, press releases, careers pages, and more. On The Warehouse Insurance website there is bugger all information, and some links to get a quote (which opens a quoting engine provided by Suncorp group, and seen on other websites such as AA Insurance and AMP Insurance).

Anyway, below are a few things I liked about The Warehouse Insurance, and a couple things I didn’t like.


Don’t love…

Quick facts about Warehouse Insurance

If you just want to know the key facts about Warehouse Insurance we’ve condensed them down into the bite-sized bullet points below.

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Warehouse Insurance Reviews from Around the Web

We’ll this part of my research was a complete failure! We couldn’t find any Warehouse Insurance reviews from real customers on any platforms. If you have been a customer of Warehouse Insurance please get in touch and tell us what you thought of them!

Warehouse Insurance Reviews on Google

Warehouse Insurance currently doesn't accept reviews on Google.

Warehouse Insurance Reviews on Feefo / Trust Pilot

There is no evidence Warehouse Insurance uses a third party platform such as Trust Pilot to collect reviews.

Warehouse Insurance Reviews on Discussions Forums

We couldn't find any Warehouse Insurance reviews on any of New Zealand's leading discussion forums.

What Products Does Warehouse Insurance Offer?​

Warehouse Insurance offers home insurance, contents insurance, landlord insurance, car insurance, and pet insurance. All of these are underwritten by Vero Insurance, except for pet insurance which is administered by Petplan.

As we’ve said a thousand times, the information on this website is not complete and should not be relied upon as a source of truth. The source of truth regarding The Warehouse Insurance is the Warehouse Insurance website, and their policy wording documents.

Warehouse Insurance Car Insurance Review

The Warehouse offers the three main types of car insurance that all the leading brands do: third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive (which they call Everyday Plus). They also offer a lifetime guarantee on any repairs to your vehicle which they arrange. The policies are based on agreed value, meaning if your car is written off, you’ll get back the value you agreed upon when you purchased or renewed the policy. Although to be fair, agreed value is pretty common these days.

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Warehouse Insurance House Insurance Review

There are two house insurance policies offered by the Warehouse: Everyday Cover, and Everyday Plus Cover. The Everyday Plus Cover policy provides a little extra piece of mind with some added extras, such as covering damage to your home as a result of physical assault or police investigations into any physical assault or death….which may or may not be of interest to you!

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Warehouse Insurance Contents Insurance Review

Warehouse Contents follows the same naming convention as their house insurance does with two levels of cover: Everyday Contents Insurance, and Everyday Plus Contents Insurance. Both policies have all the normal things you’ll see in a contents insurance policy wording, such as new for old replacement, cover if you cause damage to other people’s property, and cover for high value items.

The Plus policy covers replacement or repair of burnt out electric motors which are less than 10 years old, and the same benefit that is listed above regarding damage to your belongings as a result of physical assault or death or police investigations into physical assault or death.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Warehouse Insurance

You can contact them via there phone number 0800 801 814 Monday to Friday 8am – 5:30pm, and on Saturday: 9am – 4pm.

Use the same 0800 number seen in the above question. For claims, they should be answering this 24/7.

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