MAS Insurance Review

MAS is one of the smaller insurance companies in NZ,but one that we have no hesitation in recommending to our readers. Everything we read about MAS when writing this review was positive, and we wouldn’t hesitate to insure with them ourselves. Read our MAS Insurance review to discover whether MAS is the brand for you.

MAS Insurance Review

I’ve only ever heard good things about MAS (Medical Assurance Society). Much like FMG, MAS is owned by their customers, so the don’t have to generate big profits for external shareholders like most insurance companies in NZ do (looking at you, State, AMI, Tower, AA Insurance etc).

MAS was founded by doctors, for doctors, back in 1921, and they now claim that over 80% of the medical profession insure with MAS. From what I’ve heard they run a pretty slick operation (get the pun?!).

MAS offers car, boat, house, contents, life, income, disability, and business insurance.

Anyway, MAS do a better job of explaining themselves than I ever could in the video below. So if you are considering join MAS spend 57 seconds watching this to get your head around exactly what makes them tick, and how they are different.

What we love (and don't love) about FMG Insurance

MAS has one of the most informative websites out of all the insurance companies in NZ, so there was a lot of information to trawl through when writing this MAS review. While researching I’d occasionally come across some things that I loved, and other that I hated, and jotted them down below.


Don’t love…

Quick facts about MAS Insurance

We’ve summarised the main points of our MAS Insurance review down into a few bullet points.

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MAS Insurance Reviews from Around the Web

MAS Insurance isn’t one of the ‘main stream’ insurance companies in NZ so you most likely haven’t heard of it. The large traditional brands such as State, AMI, Tower, and AA Insurance all boast hundreds of thousands of customers, so MAS is a small fish when compared to them.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the little guy a chance. With 37,000 customers in New Zealand, MAS is certainly doing something right. Although we couldn’t find a lot of MAS reviews on Google, Feefo, or Trust Pilot, there were plenty on Reddit. The vast majority of these were very positive, so if we had to guess what their star rating would be based on reading dozens of reviews, it’d probably be about a 4 or 4.5.

Check out the MAS reviews below to see if this is a brand you want to be a part of.

MAS Insurance Reviews on Google

There are no MAS reviews on Google.

MAS Insurance on Discussions Forums

Surprisingly, Reddit was full of MAS Insurance reviews, which I found weird since I view Reddit as a bunch of degenerates (said in the nicest possible way), and MAS as one of the more elite ("I need to insure my Porsche, wife's white Range Rover, and two holiday homes") insurance companies in NZ. One user on Reddit simply wrote "No bullshit when making a claim. Fast responses", and another commented the MAS were "consistently ranked most trusted insurance company in Consumer surveys. Local kiwi company (based in Wellington). Often cheaper than a lot of the big names out there". Another user shared their insurance premiums "My car premium is $57 a month. House $1,100 annually, contents $600", which all look like a pretty good deal!

MAS Insurance Reviews on Feefo / Trust Pilot

MAS doesn't look to use any third party platform to collect reviews.

mas insurance policies

What Products Does MAS Insurance Offer?​

There are a number of insurance policies available from MAS. As mentioned earlier, they offer car, boat, house, contents, life, income, disability, and business insurance. You can’t get a quote for any of these online, but the process of enquiring online and getting a call from a MAS advisor is pretty straightforward.

MAS Car Insurance Review

MAS offers four levels of car insurance, which is one more than most insurance companies in NZ. They offer that standard comprehensive, third party, and third party fire and theft policies – but then they also offer a fire and theft only policy. This policy covers your vehicle when it is off the road in storage or undergoing restoration. It doesn’t cover the vehicle “on road” or provide legal liability cover. You can learn more about the MAS car insurance policies at the link below and make a more informed decision about which one is best for you.

Get an MAS car insurance quote

MAS Home Insurance Review

MAS insures all sorts of homes. Whether it is your main home, holiday home, rental, or lifestyle property, MAS will have an option for you. MAS let’s you choose your cover options, which means picking between Area Replacement or Agreed Value (most other insurance companies in NZ just offer agreed value). The difference is that with area replacement, when your house is damaged by a covered event, the insurer will pay the reasonable costs to repair or rebuild the damaged parts of your home to the condition it was in then it was new. If your home is a total loss (eg burnt to the ground), they’ll pay reasonable costs to rebuild your home to the same floor area as was recorded when you purchased the policy.

Agreed Value is similar, however the insurers liability will be limited too no more than the sum insured you choose when purchasing the insurance policy.

If either of these policies sound good to you and you want to get a quote, be sure to click the link below and learn more on the MAS website. We did our best to make these descriptions as accurate and up to date as possible, but as with all information on this website the only source of truth is the insurance companies own website.

Get an MAS home insurance quote

MAS Contents Insurance Review

MAS contents insurance policies will cover the costs associated with the repair or replacement of the insured contents with the nearest equivalent items. The ‘nearest equivalent’ means that they are ‘substantially the same’ as the condition of the items when they were new…but not better or more expensive than. 

The MAS policy also has all the goodies you’d expect from a top-notch contents insurance policy. This includes covering contents in storage, contents in transit, children’s contents while they’re in full time study and staying at boarding school, frozen food, home office or healthcare practice, locks and keys, and a whole heap more.

The link below explains all these in full detail, plus everything else the MAS contents insurance policy covers, so check it out now and get a quote to see if it’s right for you.

Get an MAS contents insurance quote

Frequently Asked Questions about MAS Insurance

Sure do, it’s 0800 100 200. 

Visit their website using any of the links on this page and you’ll be able to lodge a claim, or call their 0800 number as seen above.

AMI Insurance is owned by Insurance Australia Group (IAG). This is the same company that owns State Insurance, and NZI.

The easiest way to get a quote from AMI Insurance is to visit their website. They also have an 0800 number, but we find things are easier (and faster) online. In 2020 AMI closed all their branches, so if you are used to visiting them in-store, you’ll now have to call or do it online.

AMI was founded in 1926 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

IAG (owner of AMI Insurance) announced on 23rd July 2020 that they will be closing their 53 branches.

The AMI website states that they have over 500,000 customers.

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mas insurance reviews

One thought on “MAS Insurance Review”

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    Car insurance quote please by phone this morning

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