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There are close to 100 licensed insurers in New Zealand. We’ve scoured them to find the latest deals so you can save money.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Discounts, Rewards, and Promotions

Insurance brands often run some sort of deal or promotion. These can range from basic multipolicy discounts, which are sort of expected, to huge giveaways during certain months of the year.

Our general approach is to choose our insurance brand based on the policy and the price. Sure, a $50 Prezzy Card might be a nice incentive to switch, but do you really want to move to a less trusted insurance company so you can treat yourself to a fancy dinner? When you house burns down, you may wish you weren’t tempted!

Special Promotions

Insurance companies have been known to give away all sorts of stuff to get you to switch to them. Gift cards, books, crappy phones, toys, stress balls, blenders, flights, BBQ’s and more. So if this sort of thing floats your boat, the brands most likely to have a deal on are listed below in our first section.

Since we don’t have the time to check these sites every week, spend 20 seconds loading them each up and checking if they have a promotion. If they do, you’ll find it quite quickly on their Homepage. When they have something to giveaway, they make sure you can find it easy!

AA Insurance (Prezzy Cards)

AA Insurance offers $50 Prezzy Cards with each new insurance policy once or twice a year. If this kind of offer is what you are looking for, hit the Learn More button to see if they are currently offering this promotion. When they do it'll be splashed all over their website, so if you can't see it in the first 5 or 10 seconds, they probably aren't offering it.

Rewards (Flybuys / Airpoints)

State Insurance (Flybuys)

State offers Flybuys with their insurance policies, and they are the only general insurer to do so. If you join State and register your Flybuys card with them , you earn one Flybuys for every $25 of insurance premium you pay. View this deal, the T&Cs, and get a quote from the State website.

Tower Insurance (Airpoints Dollars™)

Tower has partnered with Air New Zealand to offer Airpoints Dollars. If you take out an eligible Tower insurance policy, you'll get 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $100 in premium you pay.

Multipolicy Discounts

Tower Insurance (up to 20%)

Towers Multi Policy discount is easy to understand, compared to the other brands listed below. Buy two eligible policies online with Tower and you'; and save up to 10%. Add a third eligible policy and you'll save up to 20%. Of course T&Cs apply which you can find at the link nearby.

State Insurance (10%)

To qualify for States Multi Policy Discount, you must have a Contents Comprehensive or Contents Essentials one other qualifying policy such as car, home, or motorcycle insurance.

AA Insurance (10%)

AA Insurance offer a Multi Policy discount, but the Learn More page we have linked to is pretty coy about what the percentage actually is. I found some long T&Cs where it states "The Multi Policy Discount is currently a 10% discount off the annual premium for a standard policy."

AMI Insurance (??)

If you want to be frustrated, try to learn about the AMI Multisaver / Multi Policy Discount. Click Learn More to be confused and frustrated today (honestly I have no idea how it works).

Online Discounts

Many insurance companies in NZ offer an online discount if you quote and buy online. Depending on the product, you’ll save between $10 and $50. You’ll typically find that you’ll save more on comprehensive policies, such as comprehensive car insurance. I’ve always thought they were a bit sneaky, as surely the phone prices and just jacked up by $10 to $50 dollars? Who knows? Maybe I’m just a sceptic!

AA Insurance


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