FMG Insurance Review

Read our FMG Insurance review to discover whether FMG is the brand for you. They are the leading rural insurance company in New Zealand, and offer insurance policies specifically designed for farmers. We’ve given a brief summary of each of these policies below, but head to the the FMG website to learn more.

FMG Insurance Review

FMG (Farmers Mutual Group) is different to most other insurance companies in NZ. They are a mutual, which means their ‘members’ (aka customers) are their ‘owners’, and the profits go straight back into the business. In theory, this helps keep your insurance premiums fair and affordable.

This is a nice change to sending the profits to the shareholders, which are typically giant Aussie companies.

So if you want a bit of feel-good factor in terms of who is profiting from your insurance premiums – FMG is a good choice.

FMG is also New Zealand’s leading rural insurance company. You’ll see this theme run through all their marketing materials and their website. Their ads can often be spotted on shows such as Country Calendar too. But this doesn’t mean you need to own a farm or lifestyle block to insurance with FMG – anyone can.

With FMG, you’ll always deal directly with FM too which is a nice touch.

FMG is one of the few insurance company reviews on this website that doesn’t offer online quotes. You’ll need to request a quote via an online form, and someone will get in touch with you. The form isn’t too tedious (11 simple fields to complete which doesn’t require much thinking) so if you aren’t adamant you want to do everything online yourself, then you can consider FMG.

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Quick facts about FMG Insurance

We’ve summarised the main points of our FMG Insurance review down into a few bullet points.

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FMG Insurance Reviews from Around the Web

So far our FMG review paints a pretty glowing picture of the company. We love that it is a mutual founded by Kiwi farmers, for Kiwis, and that it is still 100% New Zealand owned, which is rare for an insurance company in NZ. However, surely there are a few bad reviews of FMG floating about on the internet? We went hunting to see what the people of NZ were saying about FMG, and looked on Google, Facebook, Reddit, Feefo, and Trust Pilot. Here are our results…

FMG Insurance Reviews on Google

FMG isn't currently accepting any reviews on Google. As a substitute, we found that FMG has 39 reviews on their Facebook page with an average star rating of 3.4 out of 5. One user commented "Amazing to deal with, so much cheaper than previous insurance we had. Excellent customer service. Would recommend to everyone". Another customer wrote "Exceptional service from first signing up for insurance through to making claims. We have a lifestyle block and the material FMG give you to help reduce risk is fantastic. Plus they were more affordable than Vero and the claims process was smooth. Definitely recommend."

FMG Insurance on Discussions Forums

There aren't a lot of FMG reviews on Reddit, Gameplanet, or the Trademe Discussion forums. We did find one user on Reddit who commented that he was "with FMG for years and I felt pretty shafted by them twice so left". Since there is little discussion online about this brand, I'll say that I personally have friends in the Manawatu who insure through FMG and they love the company - so don't take the one review we found and shared above as the experience all their customers face.

FMG Insurance Reviews on Feefo / Trust Pilot

There are no FMG reviews on third party review platforms such as Feefo or Trust Pilot at the time of writing (2020)

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What Products Does FMG Insurance Offer?​

FMG provides many forms of insurance you won’t find from other insurers. Here is a quick summary of all their insurance policies:

  • Livestock: Cover for your livestock, including alpacas, cattle, deer, goats, llamas, pigs, and sheep
  • Farm dogs: Cover for specified and unspecified dogs that are owned by you or your employees.
  • Horses: Cover for your equestrian and sport horses.
  • Farm buildings: Cover for your farm buildings including implement or tool sheds, pump sheds and fixed machinery.
  • Home: Cover for your house including garages, sheds, gates, fences, patios, tennis courts, driveways and pools.
  • Employee House: Cover for your employee house including garages, sheds, gates, fences, patios, tennis courts, driveways and pools.
  • Rental House: Cover for your rental house including garages, sheds, gates, fences, patios, tennis courts, driveways and pools.
  • Material Damage: Covers your commercial buildings, contents, fixed plant and stock, growing structures, money or growing plants and portable plant and equipment as shown on your certificate.
  • Contract Works: Insures the work being done by a contractor for accidental loss during the construction period when building an extension, new building, or renovating your home.
  • Farm Contents: Cover for contents you use for your farming operations. Includes items like fencing equipment, tools, sprays, animal feed and generators.
  • Household Contents: Covers you and your family’s personal contents at home and while you’re out and about.
  • Goods in Transit: Cover for your goods, refrigerated goods, and livestock while they’re being transported within New Zealand.
  • Refrigerated Goods: Cover for your chilled, frozen or refrigerated goods, including their container and packaging.
  • Breakdown: Cover for your machinery anywhere in New Zealand including motors, pumps, electrical equipment, computers, mechanical equipment, and pressure vessels that you use for your farming operations.
  • Arable Crop: Cover for your growing and harvested crops including maize, barley, wheat, fodder crops, seed crops and vegetables, planted before 15 December.
  • Growing Fruit: A range of cover is available for your fresh fruit, processed fruit and nuts, and fruiting trees and vines. Hail and frost top up for kiwifruit is also available.
  • Forestry: Cover for your farm forestry block, including trees you’ve harvested but haven’t transported yet.
  • Farm Vehicles: Cover for vehicles you use for your farming operations and includes implements attached to your farm vehicles.
  • Private Vehicles: Provides comprehensive cover for vehicles you use mainly for personal or private use like travelling to or from work, family holidays, or for recreation.
  • Commercial Vehicles: Covers vehicles you use for your business, like cars, vans, trucks or utes. This policy gives you the choice of Comprehensive cover, or Third Party, Fire and Theft options.
  • Boats: FMG’s boat insurance covers your boat, outboard motor and trailer, its machinery, accessories and fittings, at sea and on dry land.
  • Liability: Insures you for your legal liability for accidental loss to the property of others or accidental injury to any other person in connection with your business.
  • Management Liability: Insures legal liability and cost exposures in connection with your management of a company.
  • Travel Insurance: We offer a range of travel insurance through Cover-More, a travel insurance leader in Australasia.
  • Business Interruption: Business Interruption cover insures you for your financial loss and increased costs of working due to an interruption or interference to your business triggered by a Material Damage loss.
  • Disability Assistance: Cover you for disability, accident or sickness.
  • Association Liability: Cover for legal liability and costs exposures related to your management of non-corporate organisations.
  • Professional Indemnity: Covers your liability and certain cost exposures when giving advice, completing design work or related conduct in the course of your professional business.
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Frequently Asked Questions about FMG Insurance

You can contact FMG on 0800 366 466.

The best way to make a claim with FMG is to visit the claims page on their website. This link is:

FMG is a mutual, which means that the customers own the business. More specifically, the profits are not distributed to shareholders, but are re-invested directly back into the business to make it better for their customers.

To get a FMG quote visit their website and fill in the request form, or give them a call on 0800 366 466.

According to the FMG website, about 96,000.

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fmg insurance reviews

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