AA Insurance Review

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AA Insurance Review

AA Insurance is widely regarded as one of the most trusted insurance companies in NZ. They are a household name, which is in part thanks to their relationship with the AA, which is best known for providing roadside assistance to New Zealanders.

AA Insurance is owned partly owned by Vero Insurance (68%) and the New Zealand Automobile Association (32%). In turn, Vero is owned by Suncorp group, one of Australia’s largest finacial services brand.

Although we try to avoid mentioning awards on Compare.org.nz, since smaller brands can’t often afford them, AA Insurance proudly showcases the numerous awards they have won and paid licencing fee’s for over the past few decades. These include awards from Readers Digest, Colmar Brunton, Consumer, and Canstar.

What we love (and don't love) about AA Insurance

State is one of the more well known brands in New Zealand when it comes to the insurance industry. If you haven’t heard of them you’ve probably been living in a cave. As with most insurance companies in NZ, State has some skeletons in their closet, and a quick glance over the past 5 years news headlines will reveal these. However, they are also a trusted brand and thousands of customers have had a great experience with them. As part of writing this State Insurance review we’ve scoured the internet and noted down a few things to love about State, and a few things we don’t love so much. Check these out below…


Don’t love…

Quick facts about AA Insurance

We’ve summarised the main points of our AA Insurance review down into a few bullet points.

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AA Insurance Reviews from Around the Web

For most insurance companies in NZ, you can find a tonne of reviews from customers around the web. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and read dozen of AA Insurance reviews, and posted a small cross-section of comments below. We’ve tried to showcase a few positive reviews alongside some negative reviews. Every single insurance company will have a mix of both, so don’t let a few negative reviews put you off! 

AA Insurance Reviews on Google

There are no reviews on Google.

AA Insurance on Discussions Forums

We've scoured Reddit and Trademe discussion forums (along with Geekzone and Gameplanet) to see what people are saying about AA Insurance. One user commented "Heard nothing but positive from AA insurance - great stable insurance company with good service . Haven't claimed but plenty of friends who have ". Another person added their two cents by saying "With the current state of TOWER Ï think your best bet is AA Insurance as at least its a joint venture between Suncorp and the AA. So you have AA to keep the Aussies honest".

AA Insurance Reviews on Feefo / Trust Pilot

We found their were only 6 AA Insurance reviews on Trust Pilot, which were all 1 star out of 5, which is definitely not a fair representation of them as a company. AA Insurance generally treats their customers exceptionally, so I assume this is just 6 customers that have been let down making their voice heard. The most recent AA Insurance review on Trust Pilot states the following: "Had an incident earlier this year. All I wanted was a piece of advice on what to do or how to go about it. As an insurance company, the least you could do is help the person understand their liability. Not just "oh that's not my problem" attitude. I thought I could trust them to help me understand what was going on my end. I took them as my first ever insurance provider because I trusted that when I do not understand things, they could help clarify but to my disappointment, they wouldn't offer you any assistance at all. One thing that they are good at for sure is pushing you away. I would not recommend them at all as an insurance provider."

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What Products Does AA Insurance Offer?​

State has been around for a long time, and over this time they’ve been able to release a full suite of insurance products. This means you’ll find car, contents, house, landlord, motorbike, caravan, trailer, boat, travel, and contract works insurance all listed on their website.

AA Car Insurance Review

I’m personally insured at AA Insurance for my 2005 Toyota Vitz. It costs me about $16 per month, and I am on a third party insurance policy. I did a fair amount of research and quotes before buying from AA Insurance. They offer comprehensive car insurance, third party, and third party fire and theft. You can get an AA car insurance quote from their website in just 3 or so minutes, so shop around and see if they are right for you.

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AA Home Insurance Review


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AA Contents Insurance Review


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Frequently Asked Questions about AA Insurance

Sure do, it’s 0800 100 200. 

Visit their website using any of the links on this page and you’ll be able to lodge a claim, or call their 0800 number as seen above.

AMI Insurance is owned by Insurance Australia Group (IAG). This is the same company that owns State Insurance, and NZI.

The easiest way to get a quote from AMI Insurance is to visit their website. They also have an 0800 number, but we find things are easier (and faster) online. In 2020 AMI closed all their branches, so if you are used to visiting them in-store, you’ll now have to call or do it online.

AMI was founded in 1926 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

IAG (owner of AMI Insurance) announced on 23rd July 2020 that they will be closing their 53 branches.

The AMI website states that they have over 500,000 customers.

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aa insurance reviews

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